Wendel Galdamez

Originally from Honduras, Wendel is as passionate for fitness as they come. But it wasn't always that case. Coming from the corporate banking world, Wendel found himself unhappy with his lifestyle. It wasn't until he reach his 5th year in the banking industry that he decided to turn his life around for the better. He proceeded to leave his banking job and become a personal trainer.100 pounds of excess weight later, Wendel has been in the fitness industry for over 10 years and has worked for NYSC & Equinox. 
He is now a kettlebell specialist & has fallen in love with kettlebell training. He is the General Manager of I.T.S (Independent Training Spot) in Soho NYC. There he trains his 1-1 clients and host group kettlebell classes. He believes through hard work and discipline anything can be achieved. And he is a true example of that.
When Wendel is not in the gym you can find him doing outdoors activities (swinging bells), hanging out with friends & getting his salsa / bachata dancing on . For more on Wendel you can check him out on instagram or book a complementary session. 
  • RKC L1
  • A.C.E PT
  • NASM Nutrition  
  • ISSA Corrective Exercise Therapy Specialist
  • ISSA Exercise Therapy Specialist
  • TRX 
  • Vipr