Wladimir Salas


For the past 8 years Wladimir has been furthering his education as a fitness professional with organizations like Onnit Academy with John Wolf & Eric Lejia, Precision Nutrition, PPSC with Dr John Rusin, Dragon Door Publications (RKC l)(RKC ll) with Darious Gilbert & Dan John, FPM with Dr.Liebenson & Dr.RyanChow and National Council of Strength & Fitness (NCSF).

He founded Wlaminca Fitness to be able to give all of his clients a excellent experience, something it was impossible to do working for a corporate gym that didn't give him much control. His love for kettlebell started in 2019 and grew rapidly, shortly after that during the 2020 pandemic he started manufacturing his own brand of kettlebells & the Wlaminca Bells were born. He’s helped hundreds of clients reach their fitness goals over his short career and aims to reach into the thousands with his 305 kettlebell club.

Wladimir prioritizes getting clients to move pain free & without limitations through kettlebell strength training .

When he's not training clients Wladimir enjoys NFL football, college football, traveling & swinging bells by the water .

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  • RKC L1
  • RKC L2
  • KFT
  • PPSC
  • FPM
  • Presicion Nutrition
  • Onnit Kettlebell Specialist
  • Onnit Durability Specialist
  • National Council of Strength (CPT)
  • TRX (Functional Training)