Kettlebells are probably the heaviest thing you can ship, which is why it can be pricy.

It all comes down to how close to our warehouse you are. (Miami, FL)

A 12kg kettlebell ($52) to Manhattan, NY IS ABOUT $29 in shipping, so if you live in NYC you will pay about $80 for a 12kg kettlebell total instead of some suppliers that will sell the same 12kg for $100 and say "free shipping". So is it really free?....

This means if you are anywhere closer than NYC then that shipping should be lower (which it will be). It would be very unfair if you payed 40-50 dollars extra for every singe 12kg of weight that you order even though you might be close to our warehouse.

So instead of charging you 40-50 dollars on each kettlebell like some suppliers do, we charge you what the shipping companies charge us.....

Plain and simple, we just don't intend on profiting off of "free shipping".

We understand that this is a huge turn off for our friends on the west coast. That’s why we will get a warehouse location in California as soon as we can.

Until then it'll be $10 more on shipping than what someone in NYC will be paying.

And remember you'll only pay for shipping one time because our kettlebells will last you a lifetime.

We really appreciate all the support we get and we’re glad that you now understand that "free shipping" isn't always free.